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Menstrual Health

Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda has made Menstrual Heath one of its key campaigns with various projects aimed at stopping the Stigma against girls and providing education on menstruation, counseling and donating sanitary pads to school girls.


Menstruation  is a normal and healthy part of life for most women. Roughly half of the female population around 26 % of the global population are of reproductive age and yet Menstruation is stigmatized around the world. A lack of information about menstruation leads to damaging misconceptions and discrimination, and can cause girls to miss out on normal childhood experiences and activities. Stigma, taboos and myths prevent adolescent girls and boys from the opportunity to learn about menstruation and develop healthy habits.

Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda estimates that most Ugandan girls miss an average of 48 days of school each year because they do not have menstrual hygiene products and are unable to attend school during their period.

Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda attempts to mitigate this by providing girls with sanitary towels and extra underwear as well as information about menstrual hygiene.

The Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda team also provide books and other educational materials for girls but we believes that it is the counseling that is the most important resource she and the team provide. Often the girls have no one to talk to about their problems because many of the subjects are taboo in Ugandan society