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Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda is a Non-Governmental Organization that was formed in 2012 and registered in 2014 as a Limited Liability Company by Guarantee in accordance with the Companies Registration Act. 

The organization aims at strengthening health systems in Uganda with a strong emphasis on primary health care, lifestyle diseases,reproductive health and special needs cases through counseling services, research, awareness creation, routine intervention, advocacy and capacity development.

Since its establishment, Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda has worked in partnership with Braakline Medical Centre in offering patients treatment, testing, Counseling and Rehabilitation Services with a bias towards marginalized and impoverished sections of society such as Most at Risk Populations (MARPs), slum dwellers, orphans, adolescents, and teenage mothers.

Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda promotes and advocates for sustainable access to affordable and quality health care services for all, based on the mutual observance and upholding of rights and obligations of both the health care beneficiaries and providers. 

The work of the organization is undertaken in line with the health sector strategic development plan as highlighted in the second National Development Plan 2015/2019, the constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These recognize the right to health as a fundamental and inalienable human right and it is on this basis that Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda conducts all its activities with a cardinal aim of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the health sector in Uganda. 



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