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Our Mission


Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda’s Mission is to be at the fore front of promoting better health service provision in Uganda.  A Ugandan citizenry with full health rights awareness and access to quality health services being our Motto. Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda Objectives are as follows:

Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda pursues quite a number of goals and objectives as it pursues its activities and all these objectives are designed to contribute towards the overall development objective of the organization which is “A Ugandan citizenry with full health rights awareness and access to quality health services.”

The specific objectives pursued by Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda include:

To promote health rights awareness to the Ugandan population with special emphasis on the rights of minority groups, the marginalized, adolescents and children.

To increase knowledge on basic health promotion and disease prevention among the Ugandan population

To work with other existing health institutions to improve health service delivery to the public.

To carry out health education and capacity building among the different sector players and other stakeholders.

To conduct human rights advocacy in relation to the right to access quality health care services and also advocate for improvement in the economic well being of all Ugandans.

To increase visibility and awareness of Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda among partner agencies, donor agencies, the private sector, government agencies, the public and other stakeholders in Uganda’s health sector.

To implement interventions aimed at addressing the emerging challenges of non-communicable diseases, malnutrition and environmental health.

To conduct research on various health aspects for evidence based policy advice and stakeholder engagement, disease control and prevention.


Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda has a set of guiding principles which are cherished and upheld by all members of the organization, the organizational staff, and it is on the basis of these values that Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda conducts all its activities. These values are:

 Excellence: We are committed to delivering outstanding performance and delivery in all the tasks and activities we undertake to do, with commitment to always exceed the expectations of the partner agencies and other stakeholders in a given project undertaken.

 Openness: We seek and actively engage new and diverse voices, perspectives, and ways of working. We thus stand for an open environment that encourages the flow of different opinion and ideas about any subject and we are committed to defending the rights of all people to hold divergent views. At Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda, divergence in opinion is celebrated not repressed.

 Partnership: We seek to establish sustainable collaborations and alliances with a wide range of stakeholders, donors and partners; which are based on mutual trust and respect as we work towards achieving shared goals and objectives.

Accountability: We adhere to high standards of accountability that match International Accounting Standards and our engagements with other partnering agencies and individuals are totally transparent.

 Team work: We believe in staff collaboration, learning and mutual support for effective implementation of our programs; and for general personal growth and development of the organizational human resource. At Health Promotion and Rights Watch – Uganda, team success is celebrated more than individual success of staff at the organization.



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